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Loz Feliz

This hillside central neighborhood is a celebrity-filled enclave, and it sits between

Hollywood and Silver Lake—meaning it’s not far from any of the city’s action. Beloved
for its coziness and charm, Los Feliz might be the neighborhood to have it all. With the
iconic Greek Theatre as a centerpiece, the neighborhood boasts a vibrant arts scene,
attracting renowned musicians and a diverse crowd from creatives to professionals.


Notable landmarks from John Marshall High School to architectural
gems by Frank Lloyd Wright, is just scratching the surface when it comes to the
rich history of Los Feliz.
The allure of Hillhurst and Vermont Avenue lies in the walkability, providing
an array of hip shops and eateries for every taste. Indulge in the quality of Little
Dom's for authentic Italian cuisine, and later, unwind with a cocktail and revel in the
soulful melodies of live jazz at the Dresden. Vegetarians and vegans will find a
plethora of dining options as well, as many restaurants in the area cater to these
dietary preferences. If that’s not enough to keep you busy, you have the lively Sunset
Junction in Silverlake not even a mile away!


the relaxed atmosphere surrounded by beautiful hills and historic
The walkability of this area adds to its charm, allowing residents to easily
explore nightlife while still preserving a small-town ambiance that makes it feel
like a close-knit community. While the neighborhood itself offers a cozy oasis
that’s brimming with entertainment, there are also nearby attractions beyond
its borders, including historical sites, and more culinary experiences.


From trendy cafes, vintage boutiques, and scenic hiking trails nestled amidst
the charm of historic architecture, Living in Los Feliz offers the opportunity to experience two distinct
lifestyles. At the heart of the neighborhood lies Los Feliz Village, a trending
commercial hub that sets the area vibrant pulse. Surrounding are several sub-
neighborhoods characterized by their hilly terrain and quiet ambiance, offering
residents picturesque views ranging from downtown Los Angeles to Glendale
and from the Griffith Observatory to the ocean, depending on the home's perch.


The neighborhood has been a backdrop for notable productions, with its
stunning architecture setting the stage for many cinematic moments.
Los Feliz is home to two prominent studios currently in operation, Prospect and
KCET, as well as the birthplace of Walt Disney Studios. As a home to a rich film
heritage, Los Feliz has served as the backdrop for numerous popular movies. One
example is The Dresden, a beloved establishment known for its dinner and drinks,
which has been a staple since its founding in 1954. The Dresden gained further fame
as a filming location for movies like Swingers and That Thing You Do.
Barry, Grease, Nightmare on Elm Street, Rush Hour and many others were also
filmed within the neighborhood.

recognized as one of the safest neighborhoods in LA and known for its
excellent schools, a great combination of safety and quality education.
While Los Feliz is a hub for many families to raise children, it also presents a
range of housing options, encompassing affordable apartment buildings and
duplexes alongside stunning luxury homes, resulting in an eclectic atmosphere
that attracts a population from up-and-coming individuals to well-established

Residents quickly become food enthusiasts with the exciting and ever-
evolving dining scene to explore.
Famous spots like Alltime, Little Dom’s, Encanto, Pinky’s, Home Restaurant,
Figaro Bistrot, and Alcove are all highly rated hot spots by critics and food blogs.
Maru Coffee, Blue Bottle, Café Los Feliz, and Stamp are the best coffee shops in
the neighborhood!

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