What's Getting Me By in 2020

This baby here is THE machine that kills that demon called muscle pain. I’m always overexerting myself and if I catch it quick with a run of this, ibupropen and a good night’s sleep. I wake up the next day with the demon expelled. I gave my husband some grief for buying this gadget for a whooping $399, but every day I eat my words. Worth every penny!
I used to get massages on the regular and now this is my substitute. Right before bed I take a roll on this and the satisfaction of the hearing all the cracking and loosing of my spine is addictive. It just feels so good!
Pre-covid I used to be one of those people that would stand in line outside the gourmet Tea shop waiting for my $4 Tea everyday. Well, Boba shops weren't open for a while in the beginning of the pandemic, so my husband bought me a tea set for my birthday. I used it all up and keep buying them!
My kids have been wanting a trampoline for years! Finally, in my desperation to get them to be active at home during Covid, they got their wish. I think my husband’s words said it all... As he looked out over the yard lovingly gazing at the boys jumping around and said, “How did I get this lucky?” We got the Jumpflex. It’s a great middle of the line quality model. You could go fancy and get a “no springs” variety, but with the idea that it's going to sit out in the yard to die I couldn’t bring myself to spend the extra $. 
5. My Patio
The Patio outside my home office offers a little nature therapy. It is so nice to look out and see the trees, mountains, birds and squirrels doing their thing. Having a clean and pleasant outdoor space is good for the soul.
My neighbor owns this place and offered to deliver beer to us on his way home from work once a week during Covid. I have never been a beer drinker before, but this beer is special! Now instead of having dessert on my cheat night (which happen more than they used to, but I know I'm probably not alone there... thanks 2020) I have a frosty glass of beer! After putting the kids to bed, the yummy ritual of a beer while watching the Zombies of TWD try to eat people’s brains have made some of the long days end in a good way.
7. My Neighbors
Wow! I live in a community of real nice people. Sure, there are Facebook arguments and those who will be quick to call out any neighborhood fopaux but generally everyone makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.
8. Our Dog, George
I said I was never getting a dog again. My exact words were “I’m over dogs.” They can be a lot of work, you can't easily travel, etc. Then Covid happened and I thought we would foster a dog just so the boys had some distraction. That’s when George came into our lives. This guy was a keeper! You know who loves George most, my husband! Having a dog has brought us so much joy over these last few months.
Looking to add a furry friend to your family? Adopt from where we got our George:

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